Update Version 14-9
Release Date: 12/18/2018


1. Email Accounts Enhancements for SMTP accounts:

After configuring email integration with valid credentials, user will get the list of folders from email provider. This will allow user to choose which folders will show. Only selected Folders will show, you can go back to the settings to change configuration at a later date too. This settings is available under Email accounts(Account avatar>>Preferences>> Email accounts)

For users who already configured SMTP accounts, Once they enter Email page under the sales platform, they will be redirected to folders page to select the folders from the list.

2. In Contact Details , Emails Tab Enhancements:

In Emails Tab will show the list of configured Emails (Gmail sync & SMTP configured accounts) , can manage emails from details page for Configured emails, where can go through email details & Replay to email.