Update Version 13-6
Date Released: 12/03/2018

Feature Updates

1. Multiple Currency Selector:

We now have multiple currency selector. This is to select the currency base on your needs. You can find this in Profile settings. So you need to go to account avatar on the upper right then into preferences then into profile settings.

This is designed to accurately track amounts based on the selected currency on deals and reports.

The currency selector is even available when creating a deal.

2. Added 'Has clicked on a link' condition in automation:

This is a condition determining whether a user has clicked on a link from a specific email broadcast. It will then have a result of a "yes" or a "no" which you may set unique automation for each.

3. Added "Joins a Landing page" event in automation:

Joins a landing page is an event triggered when a user signs up using an "inline form" or a "pop-up form" created using the landing page block forms and pop-ups.

4. Added " Add Score" Action in Automation:

Add score action in automation enables users to add a lead score to a contact.


1. Signup restriction is set against disposable emails:

ref: https://gist.github.com/adamloving/4401361 .

2. Signup restrictions for emails using bank names:

ref:  https://www.bankrate.com/banking/americas-top-10-biggest-banks .

3. Added "alias name" for landing pages:

4. Added New Default Profile Avatar: