This page contains videos about Engagebay Appointments and other technicalities behind the feature

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This video shows how to Appointments in Engagebay

I. Appointments Preferences setup in Engagebay

Appointments Preferences in Engagebay allows you to define a couple of key elements in the appointments system. It allows you to define your working days and hours, the fields available in the form for appointment setting and the message on the appointments page.

Configuring Appointments Preferences:

1. On your sales platform, click on "Appointments" on the top menu.

2. Click "Preferences" option on the left side.

3. On the "Preferences" page we will be able to configure "Business Hours" first. Here you can configure what your working hours are and what days you want to make available for appointment as well.

4. The next thing you can configure is the "Form Settings". On the online page where you can set up an appointment. There is a form asking for user information. You cannot remove the first name, last name and email but you can add any custom field you created via preferences "Form Settings".

5. Finally, you can also configure other relevant details under "Other Settings". Once you are done with all the settings you need set, please press "save" button on the upper right side of the screen.

II. Appointments Slot setup in Engagebay

Engagebay's appointment system allows your clients to set up an appointment with you online with respect to your working hours and your pre-defined session duration. This means that the available slots that the user can choose from are based on your working hours which you defined yourself. While the duration of each session is only based on the session duration you also defined and made available for your clients.

This article will guide you in the configuration of your Engagement appointments slot.

How to Setup your appointment slot.

This is mainly defined based on duration. This is to make sure it can be inserted within your working hours available time and avoiding any conflict with other appointments.

1. On your sales platform, click on "Appointments" on the top menu.

2. Click "Slots" option on the left side.

3. It will then show you the default slots available. If your good with them then there is no need to go further. If you want to add another type of slot then you can click on "Create New" button on the upper right. A setup pane will pop-up. Just name the slot, then choose the session duration and the color assigned for the slot. Then hit submit below.

4. You will now see the slot you made on the dashboard.

III. How to set up an appointment using Engagebay Appointments

Engagebay Appointments system will allow you or your client to set up an appointment online base on the available slots and with respect to the predefined working hours.

Note: Before using the appointments system of Engagebay, be sure that you have properly set up the appointments slots and the appointment preferences.

1. On your sales platform, click on "Appointments" on the top menu.

2. On the appointments page, copy the link on the upper right side. If you will be the one to set up the appointment then simply open a browser and access that URL. If you want your client to choose the appointment slot he/she preferred then simply share the URL to your client.

3. On the appointments scheduler page. The user will be able to choose a slot type and a date. Once they chose the slot type and date they prefer, a pane will appear where they will be able to choose the time and fill out the form then they simply need to click on "Schedule appointment" button and the appointment will be set.

4. On your "Appointments page" go to "Events" option on the left and you will be able to see the appointment scheduled.